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Our next congress and exhibitions :

11 October 2019 – Shop NATURAPI Lyon – All the day, explaination and demonstration around scales

25/26/27 October 2019 – Berufsimkertag Donaueschingen – South of Germany – The largest annual exhibition for beekeeping in Europe, We will have a stand for the first time.

6/7/8 December 2019 – SIMAPI Avignon – South of France – The first european exhibition for beekeeping equipment.

25/26 January 2020 – Grosse Celler Imkertag -North of Germany – A very important exhibition for beekeeping equipment. We will participate for the second time and meet again with pleasure our client who have bought a scale last year.

We have developed the Hive Scale Beescale4 (BS4). Simple and economical, it allows you to follow 4 different colonies in the same apiary. The comparison of 4 weight curves will give you all the elements of decision to best manage the swarming, feeding, enlargement and health of your colonies.
Very advanced data communication functionnalities have been implemented. The scales will work even in the most remote apiaries and this for a good price.
Quality and reliability are also a foudation of our work, the scale will even work after a land-flood.
Beescale this is 2000 hives on scale in 8 country within 2 years.

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The 5 versions of Beescale 5


The connected Hive Scale Beescale, is proposed in 5 versions:

  • BS4R – Sigfox standard : weighs 4 hives individually and send the apiary’s temperature – ultra economical and easy to use. Sigfox cover France, Germany, and also a lot of European countries.
  • BS4M Sigfox Moutain : has a remote box that can be placed up to 1 km, it will work even in the places most poorly covered by data networks.
  • BS4M Wifi Home : watch the apiry in your garden and use your Wifi internet box to transmit data. No suscription.
  • BS4M LPN SwissCom : It will work everywhere in Switzerland, even in the most remote locations.
  • BS4X Multiple : weigh from 8 to 24 hives in the same apiary for a very competitive price.

Thank to this 5 versions, you will covered all your needs. Find all details and prices in the catalog below.

News season 2020

LPN SwissCom
After Sigfox, Wifi, we have implemented the LPN Swisscom version. This network has a perfect coverage overall switzerland even in the most remote valley

The solar version is now tried and tested. All our scale a now solar and maintenance free.

Catalog and Price to download :

catalogue balance de ruche wifi solaire

Catalog of Hive Scale

Prices of Hive Scale

Renting Hive Scale

We check if you apiary is under coverage

Fill in the longitude and the latitude of your apiary as well as your email, we will answer you quickly. (Use Google MAPS to get these settings)

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The SIGFOX network now provides very good coverage in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Germany, Denmark, Finland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. On request, we can accurately verify if your location is covered and recommend you the best solution.

Your scale is delivered fully configured, you have nothing to configure yourself. You will simply have to pay an annual or monthly subscription depending on the chosen formula.

The SIGFOX network is the ideal solution for moving beekeepers and for all apiaries located in the countryside.



Did you know it ?

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Several scale network are already in operation in Europe :
– ( OPTIBEE and CAPAZ Hive scales)


– www.stadevæ (Danish/ Swedish and lettonie hive scale network)