Multiscale4: a unique multi-pitcher concept with many features

Follow the weight and the state of the brood of 4 to 24 hives per apiary. Compare your hives and follow your apiaries remotely without even moving.

Unparalleled field communication technologies

Even in the most remote locations, we can get your scales to communicate. A single connection with or without subscription is enough to transmit all your data.

Honeydew Follow-up

Honeydew Follow-up

By 10 a.m., you know if the honey flow is underway in all your apiaries

optimization of honey production

Production optimization

You arbitrate according to the performance of your apiaries

Fitting the fusegates

Fitting the fusegates

You react quickly and accurately, especially in the case of explosive honeys

Harvesting honey


You harvest at the right time and at the right moisture

Colony Health

Colony Health

You detect hives in difficulty and act as soon as a colony starts to weaken

Brood monitoring

Brood monitoring

You follow the laying of eggs and the maintenance of the ideal temperature and hygrometry of the brood

Statement of provisions

Statement of provisions

You just feed when necessary and according to the actual provisions

Peace of mind for bees

Peace of mind for bees

Non-invasive monitoring without disturbing production, very low radio emissions do not disturb the bees

The scales are a great help to me, especially in spotting swarms. The weight curves in real time also help me to diagnose health problems.

PASCAL - Lead Veterinarian GDS26 - Drôme - France
map of the European implantation of the hives Connected Beekeeping

A very important European network

2500 hives monitored in 10 countries, including France,Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. Private individuals, professionals, beehive schools, research centres.

A range of equipment for all uses

Whateveryour beekeeping and your number of hives, we have a Reihe of adapted materials. Our materials are hardened to withstand the elements for years.

Design for simplicity

No computer configuration, no battery maintenance, everything is solar. One software available everywhere (Smartphone, PC, tablet).

Beehive scale Reihe Eco

Reihe ECO

Simple, efficient and economical. Ideal for hobby beekeepers and beekeepers who don't migrate much

Beehive scale Reihe Indus


All metal, reinforced and transhumable without handling or dismantling, for professionals working with a large number of hives

Hive Scale Science


Customizable time steps and accuracy upon request. Designed for learning and research projects

adaptable to all hives

Adapt to your existing hives

quick installation

Installed in 20 minutes

made in France

Developed and manufactured in France

3-year warranty

Designed for 20 years, 3 year warranty

signal coverage

95% of the European territory covered

"Thanks to the scales I know exactly when to intervene, I know the exact intensity of the honey flow and the strength of each of my 25 colonies. I don't miss any swarming even when I have little time to devote to the bees".

PHILIPPE - Very experienced hobby beekeeper - Belgium
Software interface Connected Beekeeping

One software available on all media in your language

Access on all types of media: computer, tablet and mobile. Designed to be visible in the apiary on small screens even with sunlight. Available languages: FR, DE, EN, DK, IT and SL

An interface adapted to the management of a large number of hives

Our 7 years of experience in industrial interface design has allowed us to design a simple and intuitive interface that allows us to manage a large number of hives without difficulty.

simple software

A simple software
No configuration. Do beekeeping not computing

efficient interface

An efficient interface
Interpret your data easily and make the right decisions

available at the apiary

A tool available at the apiary
All your data always with you at any time

French servers

French servers
Your confidential data is stored and secured

Intervention in the apiary

Are you interested and would like to find out more?

Whether you're ready to buy or just want to get some information, take a few minutes to fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Harold or Virginie will contact you shortly.

Are you German or Swiss and are you hesitating to contact us?

Through beekeeping, we have many beekeeping connections in Switzerland, Germany and Denmark. Virginie will communicate with you directly in German or English. Many customers outside of France have been working with us for several years.


We quickly noticed that only one connected hive per apiary did not bring us the results we expected. We found ourselves, far too often for our taste, systematically opening all the hives as soon as the selected hive showed an abnormal behaviour (weak colony, late resumption of egg laying, swarming...).

Moreover, it was complex to compare the performance of the apiaries . We still had doubts that the information was a true representation of the apiary and not an exception. 

We tested many configurations before finding the right balance with 4 scales. We have never encountered more than two hives out of 4 with specific behaviors. This is the assurance to rely on reliable data to make the right decisions.

connected scales


I practiced my passion for beekeeping as a hobby for many years. In 2005, my wife and I decided to become professional beekeepers. We now have 400 hives in the Vercors Natural Park.

I immediately understood the potential of connected scales for our activity. However, I was quickly disillusioned: the first models offered were more gadgets than real aids.

Frustrated, I decided to roll up my sleeves in the off-season and put my experience as an instrumentation and signal processing engineer to work. We finalized our first model in 2014 with assembly at a local shop specializing in aeronautical equipment.

Today I am lucky enough to be accompanied by Virginie and Harold.

After 7 years of development, improvements and field testing, season after season, we now havea reliable, built-to-last solution that radically changes the way we work.

We have reduced our work time at the hives by 30% with 50% less travel and we track our colonies with great precision.

I suggest you live your passion for beekeeping to the full by freeing yourself from unnecessary constraints thanks to precision beekeeping.

Jérôme Alphonse
Director of Connected BeeKeeping
Engineer, specialist in instrumentation and signal processing
Beekeeper and trainer since 2005

Our approach has always been centred around three strong values:

A pragmatic approach to beekeeping

We advise our customers who wish to Entdecken the benefits of connected scales to start by equipping an apiary with 4 scales for one season to validate their usefulness. It is true that it is very rare that they do not wish to equip all their apiaries, or even all the hives after this test.

We always favour a solution that requires the minimum of maintenance. For example, if the choice of cables seems impractical at first glance, it is on the other hand an ultra reliable solution with respect to radio waves and which allows to operate in all solar without ever recharging the battery.

Solar energy seems to us an obvious choice in terms of performance. We chose the electric vehicle technology (LiFePO4), which is specially designed for outdoor conditions, and is completely inert and cannot catch fire, unlike lithium-ion batteries, which can catch fire in the sun.

A commitment to eco-responsible beekeeping

We produce organic honey and are sensitive to the environmental impact of our activity. The most obvious impact of the scales on the carbon footprint is the elimination of unnecessary travel.

We make products that are designed to last and be repaired if necessary. Why throw away a transmitter when you can simply replace the battery and give it a second life in our workshop.

Minimizing power consumption is also one of our challenges. We calibrate the sending of data to provide reliable information without increasing the number of communications and storage requirements. We favour wired links and low-cost equipment to optimise energy consumption.

Not disturbing the bees unnecessarily helps the health of the colony and its development.

A local anchor

We wish to participate in the dynamism of our region and are fortunate to have companies specialized in precision industry on our doorstep. In particular, we work with two "Etablissements d'Aide par le Travail" which work mainly for the aeronautical industry.

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Syndapi 74 - Hive scale BS4X - 24 hives
Syndapi 74 - Hive scale BS4X - 24 hives

"We have already installed two different strains of bees on the site. We hope to install three more in the spring. The scales will allow us to follow the evolution of the hives in real time. This will allow us to make a numerical and accurate comparison of the colonies at the end of the season. “

Frédéric - Head of the technical apiary SYNDAPI 74 - France
France, Several BS4M scales
David, France, Several BS4M scales

"I already had conventional beehive scales but I was not satisfied because it is not possible to place a whole pallet on them: it is unstable and too heavy for the scales. With Beescale 4 I use two scales per pallet and it gives me a very good idea of what is happening on each side of the pallet. Also, the system is not likely to tip over, even in windy conditions. This has been very useful for me, especially on the lavender harvest which is very far from my home. The remote box, available with the BS4M configuration, also allowed me to use hive scales in apiaries with very poor coverage by the Sigfox network. This was not possible with my old scales. I'm thinking of equipping myself more widely with the Beescale 4 system for next season."

David - Professional Beekeeper - France
BS4M - On Warré hives
Klaus - BS4M - On Warré hives

"Although my area is not perfectly covered by SIGFOX, the BS4M scale has allowed me to get a very good network coverage. The scales provided by Connected Beekeeping are not too big, they fit perfectly in my Warré hives which are 30×30 cm on the ground. The whole thing is stable even when I put several supers in height. I took the time to protect all the equipment well from the weather so that the hive scale is more durable."

Klaus - Amateur beekeeper - Germany
Belgium - Hive scale - BS4X- 24 hives
Philippe - Belgium - Hive scale - BS4X- 24 hives

"The Multiscale4 hive scales offer excellent hive monitoring at a very competitive price. The central box concept allows me to gradually equip all my hives. Thanks to the scales, I know exactly when to intervene, I know the exact intensity of the honey flow and the strength of each colony. I no longer miss any swarming even when I have little time to spend with the bees."

Philippe - Very experienced hobby beekeeper - Belgium
Hive scale, BS4X - 8 hives
Thomas, Hive Scale, BS4X - 8 hives

"As a hobbyist, the price of the beehive scale is critical. I searched for a long time before I found the Beescale4X scale. The BS4X-8 allows me to keep track of the entire apiary at a very economical price. Its great advantage is its ease of installation and use. It fulfills the main function of a hive scale: to keep track of the weight of my hives. ”

Thomas - Amateur beekeeper - Germany
BS4X-8 hives general view - Wlan
BS4X-8 hives general view - Wlan

"I do a lot of experiments on my bee colonies (especially on Varroa). My colonies are quite heterogeneous genetically and the environment where I live is not very melliferous. These are two factors that lead to complex and very different behaviours from one colony to another. Two years ago I decided to adopt the BS4X-8 scale to accurately monitor the 8 colonies near my home. Today I use brood probes and weather probes, I still discover new things about my bees "

Pascal - Beekeeping referent - France

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