Connected Beekeeping

Digitale Hive Scale

We have developed the Hive Scale Beescale4 (BS4). Simple and economical, it allows you to follow 4 different colonies in the same apiary. The comparison of 4 weight curves will give you all the elements of decision to best manage the swarming, feeding, enlargement and health of your colonies.

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The connected Hive Scale Beescale, is proposed in 3 versions:

BS4R – The standrad Version : weighs 4 hives individually and send the apiary’s temperature – ultra economical and easy to use.

BS4M- The Moutain Version : has a remote box that can be placed up to 1 km, it will work even in the places most poorly covered by data networks.

BS4X – The Multiple Version : weigh from 8 to 24 hives in the same apiary for a very competitive price.

Thank to this 3 versions, you will covered all your needs.


BS4R and BS4M balances can now be used anywhere in the world, for all apiaries with a wifi network less than 1KM.

Thanks to the use of solar technology, recharging batteries is no longer necessary. The scales work without any maintenance. This feature is available as an option on all models.

Catalog and Price to download :

catalogue balance de ruche wifi solaire

Catalog of Hive Scale

Prices of Hive Scale

Renting Hive Scale

Network solution for each country

France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic:
Wifi, Sigfox : network fully operationnal

Germany, Hungary, United Kingdom, Slovakia:
Wifi, Sigfox : coverage under roll out.

Sweden, Finland, Croatia, Scotland, Estonia:
Wifi, Sigfox : coverage under roll out.

Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland:
Wifi, Sigfox : not available

Swiss :

Wifi, Sigfox : not available but we have a specifi solution for switzerland with LPN SwissCom, don’t hesitate to send us email.

We check if you apiary is under coverage

Fill in the longitude and the latitude of your apiary as well as your email, we will answer you quickly. (Use Google MAPS to get these settings)

2 + 2 =

Financial aid for the purchase of balance

Most of country support Beekeeping equipment purchase ! Take time to find it out.

Did you know it ?

Our hive scale are listed on ITSAP Web site:

To see how to install scales :

If you are looking for a simple and economical system, choose SCALAPI :

Several scale network are already in operation in Europe :
– ( OPTIBEE and CAPAZ Hive scales)


– www.stadevæ (Danish/ Swedish and lettonie hive scale network)