Philippe, highly skilled hobbyist beekeeper living in Belgium, has used BS4M to monitor 4 hives of his apiary during the 2018 season. Very satisfied with the digital hive scale, he has decided to extend from 4 up to 12 hives. For that, he converts it’s configuration from BS4M to BS4X-12. All this is done at very low cost.

“The Beescale4 digital hive scale offers a very good monitoring of my hives at a very low cost. The central relay box makes possible to progressively increase the number of scales. Thanks to the scales, I know exactly when I have to be on field. I have also a good knowledge of honey flow intensity and of the strengh of each colony. I never miss any swarming, even when I have very few time for the bees.”

View on the apiary

The BS4X digital hive scale principle

From 8 to 24  beehives with a single box and a single SIGFOX subscription (without subscription if you use WIFI Network). Maximum distance between the central box and the scales: 1 KM

Philippe’s curves of 4 hives during the 2018 season