How to rent?
  1. Send us an e-mail (at our adress : with the GPS coordinates of your apiaries (Latitude, Longitude). You tell us which techniology you will use (SIGFOX or WIFI).
  2. We check your network coverage and we recommend you the best adapted model (Standard or Mountain areas scale)
  3. You choose your scale and your accessories
  4. You receive your scales at home; they are already programmed and working when shipped
  5. You install the scales under your hives (you previously test the connection to the network)
  6. You log in on : your data is available!
At the end of the commitment period, you can renew your subscription or return the material back. The deposit will be given back to you (after having deducted possible repair costs). In case of failure we will replace the balance as soon as possible. In case of damage, we can repair the material to attractive prices.
BS4R – Standard scale (monitoring of 4 colonies at the same time in the same apiary)
BS4M – Beehive scale for mountain areas (monitoring of 4 colonies at the same time in the same apiary with remote box placed up to 1 km away)
BS4X – monitoring from 8 to 24 colonies at the same time in the same apiary
You want to monitor from 8 to 24 beehives in the same apiary  (within a radius of 1 km of the remote box)? To benefit from the BS4X Beehive scales with a rental contract, send us an email with the number of hives you want to follow (from 8 to 24 in the same apiary) and the technology you want to use : Sigfox or Wifi, Solar or Battery. We will send you back a quotation.