• Work alone most of the time
  • 30 to 40 hives per apiary
  • 8 to 12 apiaries
  • 2 to 5 raw honeys produced within a radius of 30 to 100km


  • Know what is happening at any given time in every colony in every apiary
  • Make the best choices based on the season's weather and the condition of the colonies
  • Be alerted in case of anomaly in the apiaries (theft, mortality, insufficient food)


1 scale for 4 hives in each apiary:
- SIGFOX or GSM (4G/2G) according to geographical location
- ECO scales
- Solar power supply

Beescale BS4R ultra compact hive scale on wooden pallet
ECO 4-hive scale on wooden pallet, square layout

Technical recommendationsAnswers to the need
4 hives monitored per apiary4 hives followed out of 40 represents 10% of the herd.
The representativeness is always good without having to choose specifically a hive or another
One BEESCALE4 per apiaryEnsures a total vision of all the apiaries of the exploitation at any time.
Alert in 4 minutes in case of sudden weight variation (fall / theft).
SIGFOX or GSM (4G/2G)In lowland areas Sigfox will usually be sufficient, for all other cases the GSM 4G/2G is required to avoid coverage problems
ECO ScalesVery economical, these scales ensure a precision of 1% on a 30Kg honeyflow which is more than enough to follow the honey production and the provisions
Solar Power Supply No maintenance, no battery change in remote apiaries.
Non-flammable battery system (bicycle technology), no risk of fire.
Extension cordsSquare or in-line layout possible, 2m extension possible if necessary
Additional recommendationsAnswers to the need
1 weather sensor in each apiaryAllows to follow the temperature and humidity rate of each apiary (very useful in mountain areas)
4 brood probes in 2 out of 10 apiariesAllows to follow the passage out of brood to facilitate the winter treatment,
Allows to know the humidity of honeys before harvest.


MeteoMiel PRO monitoring and analysis software with:
- 1 private group
- 1 observatory of local honeydews
- 1 observatory of regional honeydews

Screenshot of MeteoMiel software
Technical recommendationsAnswers to the need
MeteoHoneydesigned for easy monitoring of a large number of hives (curved visu and map)
Available at any time on any support (smartphone, tablet, computer)
Private group with your close colleaguesIncrease your level of information by sharing raw data with your close colleagues
Observatory of local honeydewsMonitor in real time all your areas of interest
Estimate the probability of honeyflow based on previous years' records
Study the best scenarios for moving hives
Observatory of regional honeydewsGain insight into your environment further afield and better understand the performance of colleagues

What is the budget?

Example for 5 monitored apiaries with 4 hives per apiary (20 monitored hives).

For all professional beekeepers, this equipment is eligible for Agrimer aid.


5 apiaries, 4 hives monitored per apiary2250 € HT
SIGFOX or GSM network access185 € HT/year
MeteoMiel PRO subscription200 € HT/year


5 apiaries, 4 hives monitored per apiary3250 € HT
Network subscriptionIncluded
MeteoMiel PRO subscriptionIncluded