CARI Connected Beekeeping Conference


CARI 15 January, 07:56 - Come and discuss with Jérôme Alphonse, professional beekeeper in the Drôme and inventor of the "Connected Beekeeping" monitoring device. Attention! Book before Tuesday 19th January... Thank you!

Germany - Andi - Wondering how to install our scales? Take a look!

Andreas is a professional beekeeper near Leipzig in Germany. He uses Langstroth ten-frame hives on pallets of 4 hives, which are particularly well suited for installing Beescale scales. In this region of large-scale farming, where natural meadows are scarce, he produces sunflower, rape, acacia and lime honey, but also, ...

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France - SYNDAPI 74: 24 hives monitored by the BS4X-24 connected scale - Sigfox

The Haute Savoie beekeeping union (SYNDAPI 74) has created a technical apiary dedicated to monitoring local bee strains. In order to carry out this monitoring in the best possible way, a BS4X-24 configuration has been deployed, allowing the 24 hives of the technical apiary to be monitored. This monitoring is done at a lower cost because only one Sigfox subscription is needed to cover ...

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France - David : Hives on pallets monitored by the BS4M connected scale - Sigfox

David is installed as a professional beekeeper in a mountainous area at the crossroads of the Alps and Provence. His beekeeping experience acquired in the United States has led him to develop very specific equipment. In particular, he has floors integrated into his pallets of 4 hives. After having tried other scale systems, he turned to scales ...

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France - Pascal: 8 hives monitored by the BS4X8 connected scale - Wlan

Like Obelix, Pascal fell into beekeeping when he was very young! Very competent and more than ever involved in the beekeeping world, he is one of the regional beekeeping references. He owns about twenty hives that he uses mainly to experiment and compare the latest advances in beekeeping with the latest technology in bee health and hygiene, and ...

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Thomas, beehive scale, BS4X

Germany - Thomas: The entire apiary followed by the Beescale4X-8 connected Hive Scales

Thomas has been a passionate beekeeper since the age of 16 in Bavaria, Germany. Since last season, he has been keeping track of all of his 8 hives at an unbeatable rate, thanks to the Beescale4X Connected Hive Scale. His 8 Erlangermagazin hives, typical of the region, are all installed on the BS4X-8 Hive Scales. …

Germany - Thomas: Theentire apiary monitored by the Beescale4X-8 connected hive scale Read more "

Philippe - Belgium - Beehive Scale - BS4X-12

Belgium - Philippe: Extension from 4 to 12 hives monitored in the same apiary

Philippe, a very experienced leisure beekeeper based in Belgium, used a Beescale4M to follow 4 hives from his apiary during the 2018 season. Very satisfied with the service provided by the hive scales, he decided for the 2019 campaign to extend his apiary monitoring from 4 to 12 hives. He converts his apiary from a ...

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