Will the scales warn me in case of theft?

Every weight change exceeding 10Kg is detected in less than 4 minutes. A notification is then instantly sent to your email inbox.


Do my hives have to be close to one another?

No, the hives can be a few meters apart.

The scales are delivered with a central box connected to the weight sensor by a 150cm-long cable. You have the possibility of adding 2m-long extensions if your hives are too spaced out. These extensions have to be ordered separately.

If my scales are damaged or no longer work, can I have them repaired?

Yes, simply return them.

We keep spare parts for a period of 5 years. If you have damaged the scales or they are no longer working for any reason, we will repair them. You will simply have to pay the shipment and parts costs.


Can my scales be located?

The scales do not contain a GPS system.

They do not transmit any location data either. It is possible to get an idea of the location within a range of 10 to 20km with the SIGFOX network. This ensures that you are the only one to know the exact location of your apiary.


Is my data private?


As with all private internet data (emails, etc.), you are the only one to have access. The system provider can also gain access for diagnositcs or maintenance.


Do the scales work with any type of hive?

The weight sensor is designed to be used with any hive format.

The sensor format is 30x30cm. You will therefore be able to use it as it is for close flooring hives or add a piece of flooring measuring 45x45cm for larger flooring hives. The sensor works with Warré, Dadant, Langstrogh, Keyniane, Layens, hives, etc.


Can my scales be dangerous?

The scales constitute an active system containing a battery and a radiofrequency system.

We have decided to remove li-ion batteries which are not suitable and can be dangerous in outside conditions and only offer non-temperature-sensitive batteries. With rechargable technology, we use LiFePO4 batteries and with non-rechargable technology Li-SoCI2 which are completly stable even in case of extreme heat.

Is the data available on a Smartphone?

In addition to the graph (which provides various information), an overview of the weight variations is available on the consultation interface. This table is handy and easily consultable even on a Smartphone with a small screen.


My apiary is covered by SIGFOX but I am not in the list of countries.

Contact us!

The SIGFOX network coverage zone is constantly evolving. We may not have an updated list of countries. We will imediately check whether the scales work for your apiary and will offer you a solution.


Are the scales reliable and validated?

50 prototypes have been in operation for a year monitoring 200 hives everywhere in France. This validation stage has elimiated any operating errors.


Can I check whether the SIGFOX network covers my apiary?


The scales include a test button which can be operated at any time. Press the button and you will receive an email indicating that everything is working within a few minutes. If you do not receive the email, your network is not working.


How long will my battery last?

Rechargable technology: the batteries must be recharged once a year.

Non-rechargable technology: the battery lasts about 5 years.

You can choose between reachargable and non-rechargable batteries when placing the order.


Is the installation easy?


The scales are already working when shipped and no further set-up is required. You simply need to place them under 4 hives, ensuring that the weight sensors are placed between two flat and very rigid surfaces (such as tiling). The data will appear instantly on beescale.org.