Ville is a beekeeper located not far from Turku in Finland. He has registred this year on Beescale4 Digital hive scale an outstanding honey crop of 182 kg for the best hive (average of more than 150 kg per hive). This is the best honey flow record of the whole european Beescale network.

This is not unusual to record very good honey crops in Finland, espacially when weather is really good. This year (2018) was a very good season. The best hive has risen to 182 Kg, even with a first crop after spring honeyflow. The average of 4 hives follow by Beescale 4 digital hive scale is more than 150 kg per hive. 

– Ville –

View on the apiary

The principle of the BS4R Digital Hive Scale used by Ville:



Record of 182 Kg on weight curves of Ville’s bee colonies: