Reihe - ECO Scales


Beescale BS4R ultra compact hive scale on wooden pallet
Standard MS4R SIGFOX scale on wooden pallet

The Reihe ECO is the most sold. It already equips more than 2500 hives throughout Europe. It allows you to monitor 4 hives at a lower cost with very economical scales. It is used by a wide range of hobby and professional beekeepers.

Recreational beekeepers usually equip all hives with a single apiary (up to 24 hives on a single subscription, no subscription at Wlan).

Professional beekeepers generally equip 5 to 10 apiaries with 4 hives per apiary. The scale can be equipped with a transhumance tray to facilitate hive movement.

This Reihe is available in 2 SIGFOX versions and one version Wlan

from 330€ Ohne MwSt. for 4 hives

Standard scale Wlan HOME ECOMS4W-HOME-ECO
Standard MS4R SIGFOX scaleMS4R-SIG-ECO
Standard MS4M SIGFOX scaleMS4M-SIG-ECO

The 3 most common versions are :

MS4W Wlan HOME ECO (For 4 hives, extendable up to 24 hives)
For apiaries with a box Wlan within 500m. Without any subscription

MS4R PLAINE ECO SIGFOX (For 4 hives, non-extendable)
Suitable for all apiaries in lowland or slightly hilly areas. 

MS4M ECO SIGFOX MOUNTING (For 4 hives, extendable up to 24 hives)
This solution will allow you to instrument the apiaries with the worst network coverage. You will no longer have to choose between a scale and a quality location.


- 1 to 4 ECO weight sensors; accuracy +/-200gr
- 0-150Kg / 200kg max sensor
- 4 Brood Sensors (Option)
- 1 Weather Sensor (Option)
- 1 measurement / hour
- Weight check every 4mn
- Solar or Mains Power Supply
- Rechargeable via USB+5V
- Non-flammable LiFePO4 Internal Battery (10 years lifetime)
- Plug And Play
- IP68 Waterproof (Certification in progress)
- Available in SIGFOX, Wlan , LORA
- Anti-theft alert / weight variation in less than 4mn
- Swarming alert
- Test button to know if "it's going to pass" at any time
- Expandable configuration from 4 to 24 hives on request
- Battery and solar panel exchangeable in our workshops