Reihe - INDUSTRIAL Scales


Bassigny hive scale
Hive Scale MS4R INDUS 2X on Bassigny pallet (pallet not included)

The Reihe INDUS is new for the 2021 season. It is designed for the most demanding beekeepers. The scales are ultra hardened and will be resistant to all conditions even after many years of use. The Reihe INDUS is equipped with 150Kg load cells (Max 200kg) with an accuracy of 30gr.

This Reihe is intended for professional and transhumant beekeepers or leisure beekeepers who want a very robust system.

from 700€ Ohne MwSt. for 2 monitored hives

Scale type MS4R INDUS 2XMS4R-IDSX2
Scale type MS4R INDUS 4XMS4R-IDSX4

The Reihe INDUS is specifically designed for transhumant beekeepers managing large farms. The scales can be fixed on wooden, plastic or metal pallets (e.g. Bassigny). They are transhumable without any dismantling.

The Reihe INDUS is proposed in 2 versions : 

For beekeepers who want scales for 2 hives in line.

For beekeepers who want scales for 4 hives in a row or in a square.

These scales are hardened (waterproof, galvanized steel, protected cable) and are designed to be handled at the charger without any disassembly.


- 1 to 4 INDUS weight sensors; precision +/-30gr
- Reihe 0 - 150Kg, overload at 200Kg
- Galvanized all-metal support without any cable
- 4 Brood sensors (Option)
- 1 Weather sensor (Option)
- 1 measurement / hour
- Weight check every 4mn
- Solar or Mains power supply
- Rechargeable via USB+5V
- Non-flammable LiFePO4 internal battery (10 years lifetime)
- Plug And Play
- IP68 tightness (Certification in progress)
- Available in SIGFOX or LORA
- Anti-theft alert in less than 4mn
- Swarm alert
- Test button to know if "it passes" at any time
- Battery and solar panel can be changed in our workshops
- compatible with wooden pallets and Bassigny pallets
- transhumance without any dismantling
- can be handled directly at the charger