Reihe - SCIENCE Scales


Also new for the 2021 season is the Reihe SCIENCE. It is designed to offer precision measurement at an adjustable pitch. Entirely made of aluminium, it is equipped with a 150Kg scale (Max 200kg) with an accuracy of 30gr. The cables are protected by metal sheaths and everything is waterproof.
The measurement time step can be adjusted on request from 60mn to 12mn.

This Reihe is intended for people wishing to make precise measurements for study projects related to the bee. The aluminium plates can easily be personalized (easy drilling). All of them can be strapped or screwed to prevent the hive from falling down due to wind.

from 461€ Ohne MwSt. for 1 connected hive

The scale can be used in mix with the scales of the Reihe ECO (up to 4 scales in total). As an option, 4 brood sensors and a weather sensor can be added.


The Reihe SCIENCE is designed for all bee enthusiasts who wish to have very precise and real-time information.

The Reihe SCIENCE is configurable according to your needs. The basic version is delivered with a single load cell but you can add up to 3 others at a lower cost. The scale is made entirely of aluminium. You can drill it to adapt it to your hive supports with a simple metal bit and a portable drill. The accuracy is +/-30gr (350 bees) in the range of 0 to 50°C. On request we can supply even more accurate load cells.

The transmitter is set by default with a standard time step of 60 minutes but can be set to a faster time step of up to 12 minutes.


- 1 to 4 weight sensors
- ZEMIC load cell 150Kg - Class C3 - accuracy +/-30gr (higher accuracy possible on request).
- all metal aluminium support, modifiable
- provided with anti-storm device
- 4 brood sensors (Option)
- 1 weather sensor (Option)
- cable protected by metal braid
- Solar or Mains power supply
- Rechargeable by USB+5V
- Non-flammable LiFePO4 internal battery (10 years life span)
- Plug And Play
- IP68 waterproofing (Certification pending)
- Available in SIGFOX, LORA or Wlan
- Anti-theft alert in less than 4mn
- Swarming alert
- Test button to know if "it's on" at any time
- Battery and solar panel can be changed in our workshops
- Time step to 60mn modifiable to 12mn (request to be made at the order)