Klaus is a passionate beekeeper in Bönen not far from Dortmund. He has equipped 4 of his Warré hives with a BS4M BeeScale. 

” Even though my area is not perfectly covered by SIGFOX, the BS4M beehive scale allowed me to get a very good reception of the network. The scale bases provided by Connected Beekeeping are not too large, they fit perfectly with my Warré hives which measure 30×30 cm on the ground. The entire system is stable even when I set up several boxes. I took the time to protect all the equipment from the elements so that the system will live longer. I have also written an article about this beehive scale on my own website, where I show live weight data :
http://imkerei-rudack.de/?Die_Hilfsmittel___Die_Stockwaagen “


View on the apiary

BS4M beehive scale used by Klaus



Klaus’ monitoring curves for 2018