Thomas has been a passionate beekeeper since the age of 16 in Bavaria, Germany. Since last season, he has been monitoring all his 8 hives at an unbeatable price, thanks to the Beescale4X. His 8 Erlangermagazin hives, typical of the region, are all fitted on a BS4X-8 scale. 

As a hobby beekeeper, the price of the scale is essential. I searched long before I found the Beescale4X. The BS4X-8 allows me to follow the whole apiary at a very economical price. Its great advantage is its easy installation and use. It fulfils the main function of a scale: to monitor the evolution of the weight of my hives. ”


View on the apiary



The BS4X-scale used by Thomas

From 8 to 24  beehives with a single box and a single SIGFOX subscription (without subscription if you use WIFI Network).
Maximum distance between the central box and the scales: 1 KM

The monitoring curves in 2018 for 4 of his 8 beehives

Thomas’ interpretation of the curves :

“The curve shows very clearly the days of work on the hives.

The honey was harvested in mid-June and mid-July. Thanks to the BS4X-8, I was able to detect the beginning of the harvest without having to open the hives previously. This saves a lot of work! About 14 days later, the honey was harvested, because according to the scales, the average weight was decreasing, the bees were no longer bringing in honey. So, feeding the bees could start, I do it in 5 steps. At the beginning of September, I removed the feeders. Thanks to the scales, I can now follow the winter consumption of my bees. “