The professional beekeeping association of Haute-Savoie (SYNDAPI 74) in the french Alpes has created a technical apiary destidated to the monitoring of local bee strains. To best perform this monitoring, a BS4X-24 configuration of the Beescale hives has been deployed to follow the weight evolution of the 24 hives of the technical apiary. This monitoring is done at a lower cost because only one Sigfox subscription is required to cover the site.

« We have already installed two different strains of bees on the site. We hope to establish three more in the spring. The scales will allow us to follow in real time the weight evolution of the hives. We will thus be able to establish a quantified and accurate comparison of the colonies at the end of the season.  »  

– FREDERIC – responsable du rucher technique SYNDAPI 74

View on the apiary




BS4X24-Sigfox hive scale used by the technical apiary

From 8 to 24  beehives with a single box and a single SIGFOX subscription (without subscription if you use WIFI Network).

Maximum distance between the central box and the scales: 1 KM