Jean-Jacques, beekeeper in Belgium, has optimised the spring honeyflow with the qrace scales

Jean-Jacques invested at the beginning of 2021 in equipment to monitor 16 hives. Since spring he has been able to take advantage of the system. He explains how:

"I underestimated the usefulness of your scales:
This honeyflow was special, very short and very productive.
But also problematic, because it was not expected at all.
I had very few frames built.
And when it started, I distributed these frames among all the hives.
And with the analysis of the returns, I was able to take out frames built in the less productive hives and put them in the more productive ones. And it paid off, exactly as I had expected thanks to the scales. The result: many supers were completely full. And on the weakest ones I placed partitions, forcing the bees to fill up on 4-5 or 6 frames.
On the other hand, hive 8 swarmed, while the bees were still bringing in honey, no sign of this swarming.
You can also see the gross weight in the evening and the net weight in the morning after ventilation during the night to dehydrate the nectar “