Jean-Michel, beekeeper in Belgium, has equipped his 30 hives

Jean Michel has 30 hives spread over 3 communes in Belgium. He has equipped them all with Multiscale4 scales for the last 2 years. He shares his experience with us.

"All hives are on scales (30 in all), 1 network transmitter per apiary (3 subscriptions).
The scales give me optimal control of the colonies while spending much less time. I know what is going on at any given time and by opening the hives much less, I reduce the risk of swarms leaving and damaging the queen. Thanks to the consumption of provisions outside the honey flow period, I can spot the least developed hives from the curves of the scales.
In winter I can see if the colonies are alive or if they are weakening.
In the event of prolonged bad weather I no longer lose a hive due to lack of food. With the PRO option subscription I am informed in less than 4 minutes of any swarm departure.
I follow with great precision the honey flows, I know exactly when the honey flow starts and ends, I also know when I have to add extra supers.
I am very interested in the prospects of using the scales and in particular the use that could be made of them by the CARI to analyse the honey flows, their evolution and the impact of climate change"