Connected scales BEESCALE4

For the new 2023 season, we have decided to radically redesign the BEESCALE4 transmitters with an emphasis on DURABILITY, REPAIRABILITY and SIMPLICITY. The goal is to offer a system that will withstand at least 5 years of outdoor conditions and that can be maintained by the user.

Durability, Repairability, Simplicity!


In this new 2023 design, we have two great novelties:
- the transmission and the power supply are separated
- the transmitter has an LCD display

The separate power supply brings a great modularity. It can be made either by our solar box, or by an external battery, or on mains. You just have to respect the input voltage (7.5V). The 3 power supplies are presented in detail below

L’écran LCD apporte une plus grande simplicité d’utilisation. Il affiche les informations suivantes :
– le voltage de l’alimentation (charge de la batterie)
– la qualité de la connexion réseau (pour le 4G/2G uniquement)
– la valeur des 4 poids (si les pesons sont raccordés).
Si la tension d’alimentation est insuffisante (<6V), le bouton de RESET clignote et le transmetteur ne démarre pas.

BEESCALE4 transmitters

- 1 to 4 weight sensors
- weather sensor
- 1 to 4 brood sensors
- LCD screen
- RESET button for luminous test and restart
- External power supply 7.5V
- Available in SIGFOX or GSM 4G/2G
- Swarming alert in less than 4mn
- Anti-theft alert in less than 4mn
- Plug n play : connect, press Reset and go !
- Possible extensions

Hive scale - Transmitter BS4R-4G

1 - Power supply 6.5V-9V
2 - LCD screen
3 - RESET button
4 - Channels 1 to 4
5 - Debug output

An LCD screen for simpler to use!


Solar power supply : Protection box for transmitter with solar battery BS4R-SOL
Mains power supply : Transformer 220V - 7.5V / 3A for transmitterBS4R-DC
Power supply on external battery : Cable for 12V battery with DC 7.5V converterBS4R-CBL

1 - AUTONOMOUS AND WATERPROOF box (Solar power supply and protection)

To put your scale anywhereù in the nature !

We have developed a specific box, equipped with 2 solar panels and 4 batteries18650 LiFePO4 3.2V to receive the transmitter. This box brings a powerful and durable power supply to the transmitter. It is designed to be hung vertically on the side of the hives or on a stand. The batteries can easily be changed by the user with a standard Phillips screwdriver. The design of the housing prevents condensation and protects the transmitter perfectly from the weather. It has a quick opening and is completely waterproof.
The batteries are non-flammable and have a long life. This power supply delivers a stabilized voltage of 6.2V to 7.2V (3A peak)

SELF-CONTAINING - Solar battery / protection

1 - Quick closing valve
2 - Solar panels
3 - Padlock slot
4 - Fixing lugs (x4)

A specific protection case for an optimal DURABILITY !

2 - Power supply on 220V

The transmitter can also be simply powered by a stabilized 7.5V / 3A power supply, connected to the mains. This solution is suitable for beekeepers who have a power source close to the apiary (school apiaries, covered hives etc...). In this configuration, there is no protection box for the transmitter. It is imperative to protect it by your own means from bad weather (under cover or in a hive).

Power supply 220V

3 - Power supply on 12V battery

You can also connect the transmitter to an external battery, such as a 12V battery equipped with a converter cable lowering the voltage to 7.5V that we provide. In this configuration, there is no protective case for the transmitter. Itis imperative to protect it by your own means from bad weather (under cover or in a hive).

Power supply Battery


BeeScale SIGFOX Plain transmitterBS4R-GIS
Transmitter BeeScale 4G/2G All terrainBS4R-4G

BS4R-SIG: The BEESCALE4 version SIGFOX "Plain for 4 hives

The "Original" version that uses the SIGFOX network to transmit data.
Allows to connect the 4 scales and the probes to a single transmitter "that does everything". Equipped with an antenna that can be offset and placed on the roof of the hive for better reception. Very economical, this version is limited to lowland areas, rather urbanized. It is often lacking in mountainous areas (Alps, Cevennes, Pyrenees) or in sparsely populated areas.

Are you covered by Sigfox?

We have extremely accurate coverage maps provided by Sigfox. These maps are unfortunately not public. There are small tools to estimate if the coverage is good. We could put them online as many connected object providers do but these tools are very imprecise and do not inform you with certainty. We prefer to give you a coverage analysis. Just ask us!

If you want to know more about Sigfox, it is here

Transmitter BS4R-SIG - Sigfox with its antenna

BS4R-SIGFOX, the best-selling version!

BS4G : The BEESCALE4 4G/2G "All terrain" version for 4 hives

BS4R-4G Transmitter - 4G/2G version

The "All Terrain" version which uses the GSM 4G/2G network to transmit data.
This version has been specially developed to allow beekeepers in mountainous and sparsely populated areas to use hive scales. It is a rather complex solution technically but is the only option for many beekeepers. This version is worldwide and works in more than 140 countries. It ensures a very good coverage in all the countries where we currently sell: France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland.

The SIM card is already integrated in the box. The antenna is also inside the box.

Why do we insist so much on 2G?

If it is relatively easy to propose 4G (especially with the new 4G-LTEM and 4G-NBIOT standards), it is much more complex to propose 2G (GPRS and EDGE standards). We have worked hard to be able to offer a module that communicates in 4G and switches to 2G if 4G is not found.
Why is this?
Today 4G is far from providing full coverage in Europe, most often in remote areas, it is 2G that provides good coverage for GSM. According to operators, this situation will continue until at least 2035.

An excellent site to know the mobile coverage : For 2G click on coverage / voice and SMS / 2G

BS4G Tout Terrain, the version for PRO beekeepers!


Extension module for BS4R- SIG or BS4R-4GBS4R-EXTEND

MS4R_EXTEND : The extension module to increase the number of hives per transmitter from 4 to 16

This configuration is a unique concept. It has seduced many beekeepers and apiaries schools who wish to have total control of all their hives. Coupled with the MeteoMiel data manager, this makes it a powerful apiary management tool.

The length of the cables is 5m50 maximum between 2 devices, which allows to cover most of the apiary configurations.

What budget?

Our priority is the reliability and durability of the materials. Nevertheless, we maintain competitive costs. The cost price is 80€ HT/hive for 16 equipped hives.

By accurately tracking your hives, you will no longer lose swarms and you will not miss feedings (you will also use less). When used properly, the equipment has an ROI (return on investment) of only 2 to 3 years. And that's not counting the comfort and savings of having a permanent follow-up of your hives without having to make visits.

Configuration for 16 hives with 4 extension modules

BS4R-EXTEND To follow all the hives of an apiary at a lower cost!