The BALANCEfunction


MeteoMiel. com is tested on Windows, Linux, IOS and Android. In principle, whatever your support PC, Tablet or Smartphone, the site will be fully operational. The site is designed to be used directly at the apiary (even in poor conditions) and without a mouse. On small screens, you must be in portrait mode (smartphone vertical).
To consult the site, you start by launching a browser (Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Explorer etc ...), you then type in the navigation bar (never in Google!) then you enter the login and password.
Once connected, you arrive on the main interface

Meteomiel - screenshot, balance function
MeteoMiel - Scale 1

0 - Drop-down menu and quick button at the bottom of the page
1 - List of your scales: marker + a text adjustable by the user,
2 - Last weight values by scales (4)
3 - Trend at 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 3 weeks
4 - Button to access your profile

1- Finding your way around the scale lists
To find your way around, you must indicate the name or location of the apiary for each scale number. To do this, just click on the SETTINGS button and update the name of the location each time the scale is moved.

1- View the data from the WEATHER and BROOD sensors
If your scale is equipped with weather and/or brood sensors, you will see in the list a fictitious scale that displays the weather and/or brood data. For example here:
the main scale: SIGBAL33E565_1 Name of its location
the WEATHER sensor: SIGBAL33E565_101 Weather
the COVERS sensor: SIGBAL33E565_201 Brood

3- Find out if "it's crumbling" at a glance
The trend table is updated in real time every hour. It displays the variations between the last known value less than an hour ago and the previous value. For example, for the variation over 1 day, it is the difference between the last value and the value 24H00 earlier. The table allows you to understand at a glance the gains and losses of the day but also over 3 weeks. It is an instant global vision.

Meteomiel - screenshot, balance function
MeteoMiel - Balance 2 Screen

5- See if your scale is "ACTIVE" or "NOT CONNECTED"

If the data is indeed sent every hour by the scale, the "last value" field is filled in with color. The scale is then indicated as "Active". If the scale has not transmitted data for more than 24 hours, this zone becomes grey and indicates "Not connected". If the network coverage is poor, some values may be missing, in which case the scale is "Intermittent".

6- graph of the 4 weights and the outside temperature

The graphs show the value of each of the 4 hive weights continuously. Each hive is differentiated by a color. It is important to always display this graph on a scale comparable to the one you use in everyday life (a few weeks and 0-90Kg). Zooming in too much would prevent you from understanding what is going on.

Meteomiel - screenshot, balance function
MeteoMiel - Balance 3 Screen

7- Location of the scale

The scales are located within a few km. This inaccurate location is plotted on a map so that you can see which scale is in which apiary. This is especially useful if you are using scales shared by other beekeepers. The dot NEVER locates the exact location of the apiary.

8 - Alarm log

Alarms triggered by the system are reported here.

9- Communication log
All SMS and email messages sent by the system are reported on this screen.