The PERFORMANCE function

Principles of the PERFORMANCE function

The PERFORMANCE function allows the beekeeper to visually compare the harvesting performance of his hives with the statistical average of other hives in the same area. The goal is to locate the performance of the apiary in relation to what is practiced in the region.

1 - Green line: Statistical reference curve (mean or median)

2 - Blue points: Number of hives that participated in the calculation each day.

3 - Blue zone above the curve; zone of over-performance: your apiary does better than the regional average

4 - Blue zone below the curve: underperformance zone, your hive is doing less well than the regional average.

Example : Performance of an apiary in the Drôme compared to the departmental average

Example of performance monitoring: here 3 hives in the Drôme compared to the department average. We can clearly see that the 3 hives are under-performing compared to the average of the department.

Departmental average Drôme 2022
3 hives below the departmental average