Install a scale

ECO Range


Place the load cells

Place the 4 scales on a pallet. Be aware that the 4 feet of each scale must be placed on a perfectly hard and stable surface. If needed, use a tile. Don’t forget to identify your scales from P1 to P4.


Install a binding support load cell/hive

If the bottom of your hives is made from plastic Nicot, you will need to install an adaptor (the hive scale-plates measure 30×30 and are therefore adapted either to small hives such as Warré types or larger hives with a solid wooden base (Dadant10, Dadant12, Zander). If the hive bottom is flexible – wire or plastic Nicot – you have to add a 45×45 tile as reinforcement). You will also need to place a tile under the scale to obtain a better signal.


Attach the box

Attach the box on the side of one of the hives. (as it is a solar system, it has to receive the sunshine several hours a day).


Press the button

Press the button on the box, if the signal is good you should receive an E-Mail (standard subscription) or an SMS (optional subscription)