Continuation of the partnership with Un Toit Pour Les Abeilles

CBK is pleased to inform you that we are renewing our partnership with Un Toit Pour Les Abeilles to equip the network's beekeepers with connected scales. Thus, beekeepers and sponsors can follow in real time the life of the hives equipped with the device which, thanks to the weight and temperature data of 4 hives weighed simultaneously, allows to estimate the needs of the colony. There are four advantages:
1. the bees are monitored as closely as possible
2. without being disturbed by the opening of the hive
3. by limiting the carbon impact of the beekeeper, who is less obliged to travel
4. while involving the sponsor!

You too - private individuals or companies - can sponsor one or more hives to participate in the protection of the bees and the development of the colonies by joining the Un Toit Pour Les Abeilles programme. In exchange you will receive jars of honey from the beekeeper you have chosen to sponsor with the company logo or your name on the label.

The network of beekeepers of Un Toit Pour Les Abeilles

Director ofConnected Beekeeping