Like Obelix, Pascal fell into beekeeping when he was a child! Very competent and more involved than ever in the beekeeping world, he is one of the leading beekeepers on a regional level. He holds about twenty hives that he uses mainly to experiment and compare the latest advances in beekeeping health with the reality on the ground.

« I do a lot of experiments on my bee colonies (especially on Varroa). My colonies are quite heterogeneous in genetic terms and the environment where I live is not very melliferous. These are two factors that lead to complex and very different behaviours from one colony to another. 2 years ago I decided to use the BS4X-8 scale to accurately monitor the 8 colonies near my home. The beehive scales help me a lot, especially to spot swarming. The real-time weight curves also help me to diagnose health problems. I first used a scale under SIGFOX network and this year I will switch to the WIFI network, it allows me to save the subscriptions.»  


View on the apiary



The BS4X8-WIFI scale used by Pascal

From 8 to 24  beehives with a single box and a single SIGFOX subscription (without subscription if you use WIFI Network). Maximum distance between the central box and the scales: 1 KM


Weight monitoring curves example for 4 of his beehives in 2018: