Hive scales are tools whose use has not yet become common practice among beekeepers. To help you understand their full potential and help you get the most out of your tools we will progressively develop TUTO pages.

These tutorials are based on the use of a complete MULTISCALE 4 configuration

➡ Weight of 4 connected hives
➡ One weather sensor
➡ One brood sensor in each hive


TUTO Honeydew Follow-up

Example of the curve of a mountain summer honeydew

Or how to put down and raise the fusegates at just the right time!

In this tutorial, we observe the curve of a beautiful mountain honeydew and examine how it is possible with the balance :

  • to fine-tune the exact date of the first rise at the very beginning of the honey flow
  • to anticipate without going on site the doubling of the rises in the price of oil.
  • to raise the honey at the right time, making sure that it is dry enough.