Beehive scales BEESCALE4

The BEESCALE4 range has 2 types of probes:
- the METEO probe: it measures with precision the temperature, the humidity and the atmospheric pressure outside the hive, one is used per hive
- the COUVAIN probe : it measures the temperature and the humidity inside the hive: one is used per hive
You will find in this page many details about these two products.

These probes have multiple uses: monitoring of egg laying, monitoring of honey moisture, help with oxalic acid treatment etc... to learn more you can consult the tutorial "Monitoring egg laying

Beescale range - Brood probe (by unit)BSCV
Beescale range - Weather sensor (by unit)BSSM

Weather sensor

Weather sensor

You can add the weather sensor at any time. This sensor is simply added on the Channel 1 of the scale thanks to a Y cable provided. It will be immediately taken into account by simply pressing the "RESET" button on the scale.

This sensor measures :

- atmospheric temperature (accuracy +/- 0.5 °C),
- atmospheric pressure (accuracy +/- 0.5 PA),
- atmospheric humidity (accuracy +/- 3 %).

These three values are read once an hour at the same time as the hive weights. Placed under a shelter, it will provide you with extremely accurate weather data. If you do not have a shelter specifically for weather measurements, simply place it under the hive.

Brood Probe

brood probe

You can also add a brood sensor to each of the scale's Channels 1 to 4 at any time using the Y-cables provided. These sensors are placed inside the hives between two frames of brood.

They will provide you with one time per hour:

- the brood temperature of the 4 hives (precision +/- 0.5 °C),
- the brood humidity of the 4 hives (precision +/- 3 %).