Set up your scales

In this tutorial we explain how to test the network whose coverage is validated by the reception of the message "RESET BALANCE" on your email address or SMS, then how to install the different models of BEESCALE4 scales

1 - Test the network SIGFOX / 4G2G NETWORK

Unpack your box and go to the place foreseen for your apiary whose GPS coordinates were used to validate the network coverage before your order.
If you have a standard subscription, check your emails (think of the SPAM box), you should have received a message indicating RESET BALANCE and an RSSI parameter indicating a value between -80db and -135db. In the case of a Pro subscription, you receive this message by SMS.
Beyond or below the RSSI values indicated, the signal will be too weak, you will have to look for a better location using your box.

2 - Set up your scale

Place your hives on pallets in squares or rows spaced at a maximum of 15 cm.

Place the 4 scales under your 4 hives, making sure to add a ceramic tile the size of your hive underneath and above to ensure perfect stability.

If you have chosen a solar power supply, place the transmitter in the box that also acts as a protection.
Number your hives from P1 to P4 and wire the load cells to the corresponding ports on the transmitter. If you have chosen the optional weather sensor, be sure to wire it only to port 1 of the main box using the Y-cable provided.

Attach the box, still pointing upwards, to:
- the wall of one of the hives
- or on a stand installed in the middle of the 4 hives

If you have chosen a battery or mains power supply, be sure to place the transmitter under cover or in a hive.

Finally, press the blue button on the box again to reset the entire installation.

You can now access your data on