First steps

The package contains a complete set of Beescale scales which have been fully set up and are already operational. The configuration is carried when you order in the worshop. Simply position the scales
underneath the hives and then connect to the website to obtain the weight and temperature of your hives.

Operating principle:

The scales automatically emit the weight of the four sensors and the inside temperature of the box every hour. These values are available live on the website (information informationtransit lasts 3 to 4 minutes).
The values will not be updated if you are in an area which is not covered by Sigfox. Since four measurements are taken, care must be taken at the time of installation to distinguish between hives P1, P2, P3 and P4.

Network testing:

Press the button on the sideof the box.
Check if the button lights up, it means tha t the batteries are still loaded enough.
Wait 2 to 4 Min, check your  emails. If the Sigfox network works, you receive a message called “RESET BALANCE”.
If you don’t recevive any email, it means that the Sigfox network doesn’t work. In that case, contact us and we will advise you what to do.

Alarm :

Your email address is also automatically set up before the delivery. You will therefore receive an alarm email within less than four minutes if:

  • The weight suddenly changes by ten kilos or more on one or several scales
  • The temperature rises above 40°C
  • The battery is low
  • A scale cable has been cut

Maintenance :

The scales delivered with a solar panel do not require any maintenance.

For the battery version (LiFEPO4 – 18650 batteries), you have to reload them every 9 months.

Functions of the scales:

  • Honeydew monitoring
  • Swarm monitoring
  • Anti-theft / anti-intrusion (*)
  • Wintertime furniture monitoring
  • Wintertime colony strength estimation
  • Looting follow-up

(*) place a weight on the top of your hive so that the roof and the weight together represent more than 10 Kg. You’ll be immediately notified by email if the hive opens.

Location :

The scales do not contain a GPS system which means that it is impossible to locate them precisely with the given data. However, we do display a map with a location within a radius from 2 to 10 Km.

Precautions to be taken :

Do not install the enclosure with the aerial facing South as there will be too much sunlight,. Ensure
that the sensors are protected from rain. Avoid to install the box with the antenna directly toward the south and in full sunlight. Avoid to expose the weightsensors to direct rainfall.
Take care to hang the housing on the side of one of the beehives and not to place it flat on a beehive. website :

The website has been created to suit your requirements and log-in codes are provided when the order is placed. By connecting to the website you will have automatic access to all your scales.
Simply type directly into the search bar (not your search engine) to connect at any time you want.