How hive scales work

Overview of the functioning of our BEESCALE4 connected hive scale systems :

Our connected hive scale systems are modular to meet the specific needs of each beekeeper producing honey. We generally propose:

- to equip each apiary with a honey flow behavior quite distinct from the others,
- to equip at least 10% of the hives of an apiary (i.e. 4 hives for apiaries of 30 to 40 hives = 1 BEESCALE4 system per apiary)

Depending on the practices and expectations of the beekeeper, we recommend additional brood and/or weather sensors.

The choice of SIGFOX or GSM network depends on the geographical location of the apiaries (mountain or plain). The page below presents the global view of our connected beehive scales systems.

If you want to equip yourself, contact us:

➡ We will analyze your need according to your specific parameters.

➡ We will recommend a configuration that suits your need.

➡ We will assist you with installation and operation.


1 - The different apiaries

In this overview of our connected hive scale solutions, each apiary has a transmitter. This transmitter transmits the value of the 4 weight sensors of 4 hives and optionally the brood/weather sensors once per hour.

2 - GSM 4G/2G or SIGFOX network

The operators' antennas (4G/2G or SIGFOX) receive the data and transmit them in real time to CBK's servers. For each apiary, it is necessary to have a subscription

3 - CBK Server

At any time, the beekeeper can consult the data stored on the CBK servers using the MeteoMiel software.


connected scales global view of the hardware architecture in each apiary

1 - Weight sensors (load cells)

We have 3 different ranges of scales for specific uses:
- Eco: Standard use,
- Science: Scientific precision,
- Indus: Hardened range for transhumance operation.

2 - Brood and weather probes

The weather sensor gives a precise external reference specific to the apiary (pressure, temperature, humidity). The brood probes give the internal conditions of each hive.

3 - Transmitter

The transmitter collects the data from the sensors (load cells, weather sensors and broods) every hour and sends them via the network to the customer's personal space.

(*) Our equipment is designed as standard to monitor 4 different hives from a single transmitter. It is possible to equip from 1 to 24 hives in each apiary with only one subscription per apiary.